Get Moving - Temogo & Associates
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Get Moving

Public and organisation specific conversations and workshops.


Delegates are inspired to step into their power and Get Moving towards

– Good health
– Meaningful relationships
– Emotional maturity a fulfilling business or career, a life of purpose and financial freedom
– A fulfilling business or career a life of purpose and financial freedom
– Earning what they are worth

The aim of this session is to help participants break free from fear and get moving. We unmask fear so that they can understand how fear manifests itself. It is a first step towards dealing with fear. It is followed by a workshop which is more personal and in-depth.


We chose the topic of Fear because:

1.) We learned from books and research on personal leadership and development that fear is the main factor that holds people back from achieving their true potential.
2.) We have seen how out of fear, self-sabotage manifests, because of a belief of not being enough.
3.) We noticed also, how people remain in abusive relationships, out of fear.
4.) Some have a fear of going into businesses. Those who do, sometimes fail to grow the business because of fear.