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Executive Coaching: One on one
Executive coaching helps clients gain a greater sense of personal awareness, leading to transformation and an awakening in their being. We begin with setting up well-formed outcomes and use the coaching conversation in working towards achieving those. Coaching affords us a space to engage in different sorts of conversations, bringing about desired changes.


Team coaching
Team coaching seeks to entrench a team culture of support, accountability and a focus towards the same goals. We explore gaps that prevent a team from being fully functional, and lead the team members to identify solutions. Team coaching provides a platform and safety to explore conversations that would otherwise be difficult to engage in.


Change Facilitation
We use Process Work methodology, to work with teams that are committed to change: seeking a different way of being, developing awareness and consciousness. In these sessions, we openly and directly address issues that impact individuals, challenging the status quo and facilitating a new way, which will be acceptable to all. These sessions can be used to foster change, address issues of diversity such as racism, sexism or xenophobia, and any other issues relevant to the organisation


Graduate Programmes and Learnerships
To support development candidates such as junior employees, graduates, interns and internship candidates, we offer the following package:
1. Life skills programme.
2. Coaching.
3. Training and managing the mentor – mentee relationship.